July-August Brookings Back 2 School Project

Each year ADVANCE helps the Brookings area Back 2 School Project by donating supplies. Here are a list of supplies we are helping to supply:

Boxes of tissues
#2 pencils
Red pens
Glue Bottles (not sticks)
Pink erasers
Dry erase markers
Pocket folders
Spiral Notebooks
Thin tipped black markers
Scissors (kid size)
Colored pencils
Loose leaf paper
3 ring binders (1/2 to 1 inch) & (3 inches)
Basic calculators
Pocket Folders with 3 prongs
Classic Markers—8/10pack
Deodorant (men and women)
Pencil pouches
Pencil sharpeners
Flash Drive
New Backpacks

If you would like to help donate items, please turn them in by Monday, August 10 to ADVANCE's main office.