Family Support 360 Program provides service coordination and financial assistance to families of children with developmental disabilities living at home and individuals with a developmental disability.  The Family Support Coordinator assists families in developing  an individualized plan based on their family needs, and can assist them in accessing a broad range of services and supports.  The coordinator can provide ongoing support and assistance  to the family as their needs change, and advocate for the family when needed.  In addition, financial assistance with extraordinary expenses can be provided through Family Support.

Eligibility:  An individual must meet the following criteria to be eligible to receive services through Family Support:

  • The individual is a resident of South Dakota
  • The individual has a developmental disability or be identified as prolonged assistance (Birth-2 only)
  •  Can not be receiving services through another HCBS funding source or be living in a residential program setting through an agency(examples:  Community Support Providers, Assistive Daily Living Services (ADLS) Program through the Division of Rehabilitation Vocational Services).


Application for Family Support 360

Brookings Area Family Support Program
Coordinator: Nancy Olson
PO Box 8533
Brookings, SD 57006

Phone: (605) 695-4644
Toll Free: 877-697-5172
Fax: 605-692-3586

Service Area: Brookings, Kingsbury, Miner, Lake, Moody, McCook and Minnehaha counties (NOT including Sioux Falls).



For more information regarding Family Support 360, contact Nancy Olson at (605) 695-4644 or via the form below:

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