I got the extreme pleasure of taking Miss Myrtle to see Cher last night! We started our evening by going out to eat at Sickies Garage then off to do some singing and dancing to Cher. We even got matching t-shirts:) Myrtle and I both said that Cher still knows how to move and groove at the age of 73, not only that but all the costume changes with each song as well. We only can hope we look that good at that age, Myrtle thought that was pretty funny and told me she will look that good too!!! Enjoy the pictures.

By: Jenny Cooper

I think it's safe to say by all the smiles that everyone is enjoying the nice weather! People from SLA got to take a stroll around the Nature Park, and there was even a friendly sprinting competition between the young fellows!

By: Nasya Sechser

Today YAT went and visited Dr. Nate and his dental hygienist Miranda at Brookings Family Dentistry. Miranda did a demonstration of proper dental care and then she and Dr. Nate provided YAT with a tour and discussion of all of the staff's job duties, their education, and general vocational aspects of the dental clinic.   Seth even volunteered to go in the dental chair to help with the demonstration!  

By: Ramona Kauk

Sherry had a busy 3 day Birthday celebration!! Her Birthday was Thursday, so she took the day off and enjoyed a pizza day with Amanda, and then went out for supper with family that evening. Friday she shared her cake during group cook with staff and people supported, and then Saturday she invited friends from all over the agency to help her celebrate at Cubby's! 

By: Valerie Witte

ALA had a busy weekend! Friday started out with Amanda helping me get our group cook meal prepped and made! She did a wonderful job! On Saturday, Taylor Hietpas took a small group out to the nature park for a walk and some exploring, and to finish off the day, Taylor and Lacey Lynn fired up the fire pit and people supported enjoyed S'mores!

By: Valerie Witte

DSP Spotlight: Joan Leiferman

I have had the honor of working for ADVANCE for about a year and a half. I have worked at 905 my entire time being with ADVANCE, and due to the personal connections I have made there I couldn’t see myself moving to any other location. Although it is fun and interesting to experience the other locations within ADVANCE and the other people supported, I could never leave those connections behind. When beginning at ADVANCE I couldn’t have imagined forming the relationships I have with both people I support and staff. Becoming a Direct Support Professional I have been given the opportunity to join people at dances, zoo trips, and even simple trips like going to the movies. I think the best thing about being a DSP is being there for each individuals life enjoyments and even the hard times.

Working for ADVANCE has provided me with an amazing life experience. I have dreaded the time I have to leave ADVANCE from the moment I started, and when that time comes I know it won’t be a “goodbye forever” but it will be a “see you later”. I am so grateful for the opportunities I have had and will continue to have with the people I support.