Vocational Services had a wonderful visitor today! Katelynn Norgaard was so kind to come in and visit with all of us about her career with Canine Country Club. Katelynn is a Certified Dog Trainer and an expert groomer. She talked to everyone about how she got started in this field, what her hours are like, what kind of training was needed, what she loves most about her job, and what are the most important qualities a person should have when pursuing this kind of career. And she did great at answering our many questions! The best part was when Katelynn brought in her own pup Lilyia to visit with everyone. We all practiced a calm approach, that Katelynn said should be used with all dogs. Everyone loved her and she did not mind the treats, pats, and belly rubs!

We all learned so much and there might even be some budding animal groomers in the group we had today! Thanks to Katelynn for sharing her wealth of knowledge with us!

By: Amanda Hemmestad

DSP Spotlight: Jennifer Wernisch

I have worked at Advance for two and a half years now. I started working at 905 day service and moved to Franklin when it opened. The first time I heard about Advance was when they were marching in the HOBO day parade, and I looked up the company when I got home that evening. I felt like it would be a good job for me, and I was right. I love feeling like I really make a difference! There is no better feeling than someone running up to you to give you a big hug because they missed you so much. I love going on fun special outings with people and seeing their face light up with pure happiness. It really is an amazing job where you can make a world of difference!!

Doug and Amber recently took a trip to Los Angeles! They went to a Chargers vs Broncos game, a Ducks game, toured Dodger Stadium, and explored the city. While all of that was fun, the best part was enjoying the warm weather. It was a trip to excite any sports fan! Be sure to ask Doug about it when you see him next!

By: Emily Petracek

Larson Manufacturing set up greeting card making stations and asked their employees to make Christmas and Birthday cards for children in the community as part of their #BrookingsGives and #SouthDakotaGives efforts. These cards will be given to local non-profits to be distributed to the children they work with. They invited local non-profits to come help out, and a few of us from ADVANCE were able to make it. Pictured below from left to right are: Jessica McGehee, Brian Ardry, Matt Simet, Mike Kervin

cardmaking (1).jpg