DSP Spotlight: Joan Leiferman

I have had the honor of working for ADVANCE for about a year and a half. I have worked at 905 my entire time being with ADVANCE, and due to the personal connections I have made there I couldn’t see myself moving to any other location. Although it is fun and interesting to experience the other locations within ADVANCE and the other people supported, I could never leave those connections behind. When beginning at ADVANCE I couldn’t have imagined forming the relationships I have with both people I support and staff. Becoming a Direct Support Professional I have been given the opportunity to join people at dances, zoo trips, and even simple trips like going to the movies. I think the best thing about being a DSP is being there for each individuals life enjoyments and even the hard times.

Working for ADVANCE has provided me with an amazing life experience. I have dreaded the time I have to leave ADVANCE from the moment I started, and when that time comes I know it won’t be a “goodbye forever” but it will be a “see you later”. I am so grateful for the opportunities I have had and will continue to have with the people I support.