Back 2 School Project

 Throughout July and the beginning of August, we gathered school supplies for the Brookings Family Back 2 School Event. ADVANCE has been helping with this project for over a decade and not only do we love it, we are getting really good at it! Last year over 577 kids were provided backpacks & supplies for the school year. This year ADVANCE went above and beyond- we provided a backpack & school supplies for over 61 kids! If they were on par for about 600 kids this year, that would mean ADVANCE donated 10% of all the supplies! Way to go everyone! I also got lots of help from the Voc floor sorting and packing up all of the supplies. This is a really big job and I was really excited to have help this year. Even with about 15 of us working it still took us around 5 hours to get it all done! Here are some pictures of all the supplies.