It hasn't all been golfing, shooting pool, and book club at the Library in Vocational Services :) Over the last 5 months, we have had lots and lots of classes too! We have tried to focus these classes in the areas of Independent Living, Career Readiness, Community Exploration, Self Advocacy, Personal Cares, Social Skills, and Leisure & Hobby. Some of the classes that people have participated in have been, Stress Management & Self Care, How To: Laundry, A 4 Part Pedestrian Safety Class, Intro to First Aide, Disability Awareness, Work Performance, and Telling Time. And these really are just a few of the many classes we have offered! People have really seemed to enjoy these opportunities coupled with all of those fun ones that we have seen over the summer!

Today I had the opportunity to teach CPR to an awesome group of folks! They did amazing, took the class very serious, and many will go on to become certified at a later date! We have learned so much, and it has been so fun! We can't wait for what the future holds!

By: Amanda Hemmestad