The YAT crew had such an informative tour of the Briggs Library on the SDSU campus today! We did not realize that it is open to the public and is chalked full of valuable resources! We got to take a tour of the Tom Daschle room that included memorabilia from the time he was in office. It included a flag that was on top of the Capitol Building during the attacks on 9/11 and never flown again but instead given to Tom Daschle and also objects from his office that were affected by the treatment they had to do to his office when anthrax was detected. The objects looked morphed and almost like they were melted! Scary stuff! The crew also got to move around some heavy book shelves with the librarian's handy wheel that moves the shelves for you . It was awesome!!! We highly recommend you all go check it out for yourselves!

By: Jessica Neiswonger