DSP Spotlight: Morgan Peterson

Congratulations to ADVANCE's 2018 Excellence in Service Winner- Morgan Peterson (formerly Hanson). Instead of Morgan writing something about herself, we wanted to share what was written about Morgan.

Here is her nomination for Excellence in Service 2018:

I have chosen Morgan Hanson as a nominee due to her outstanding work as a DSP at ALA. Morgan is a long-term staff member over at ALA and takes her role very seriously. She makes sure that any fill in staff members are aware of supports they need to know and they are caught up on all information about ALA. She also serves as a resource for supervisors, when they need a hand Morgan steps up to assist them with whatever tasks they need.

Morgan does not hesitate to voice ideas or suggestions and is always looking for ways to improve ALA. I have worked shifts with her and not only are individuals she works with always smiling when she is with them, but she has a smile on her face as well. The relationships Morgan has worked hard to cultivate are genuine. I admire the compassion and enthusiasm that Morgan brings each day to work.

Morgan is also a mentor who does an outstanding job with new staff members. She understands the importance of helping these new staff know each person and what their role is as a DSP. She has gone above and beyond to work with new mentees, making sure to change her approach and mentoring style based off that individuals best learning style. She recently commented to me that she felt a huge level of responsibility for each person she mentors- if they fail, she feels she has failed as well.

Overall Morgan has been a great asset to ADVANCE since starting as a DSP in August of 2014. Please consider her for the Excellence in Services Award for 2018.

Paige Jorgensen

HR Specialist