As some of you know, Ryan took a trip up to Redfield to visit his brother Wade during their fall festival. It was a blast, and the two were really excited to see each other. When we arrived, Wade didn't know he had guests coming. So Jane (their mom) went to get Wade while I waited with Ryan. When they saw each other, they both light up with a smile and kept trying to say each other's name, but were so excited they couldn't really get it out! They then tried to hug one another a few times, but the excitement was getting to them. Eventually they pulled it off with Ryan tucking his head into Wade's chest as they hugged one another. Unfortunately, I didn't think to take any photos, I was a bit caught up with these two enjoying the moment. The day was mostly spent having Wade show us around and all the awesome decorating he helped with (I guess he's pretty good at it!). I was able to get a few pictures at the end of the trip when things slowed down a bit.

By: Logan Gutzmer