DSP Spotlight: Allie Murphy

"It's been only about a year and a half since I started working at Advance, and it feels like I have been here for so long already. I heard about this company through a couple different people and I wasn't really sure exactly what they did or what exactly I would be doing if I applied. I honestly could not imagine what I would be doing right now if I was not here at Advance. I recently graduated and I wanted to go to school for two more years to pursue a degree in counseling with children, but now after working here I am not so sure if I want to just work with children. I have wanted to pursue counseling for a while, but just recently started looking at different graduate programs. I can actually see myself not leaving this field, I think I will always be a DSP deep down wherever life ends up taking me, and I think my future may consist of a lot of the people I have supported here in my short time. "

Allie Murphy