DSP Spotlight: Emily Cuddy

I have had the privilege to work for ADVANCE for almost three years now, and every one of those days seemed like a new adventure. I started working at 905, and because of the connections I had made there, I transferred with several of the people I supported to the new Franklin House. It’s hard to describe this as a job because I look forward to every shift I work, and that is all thanks to my amazing coworkers and the people supported. Being a Direct Support Professional has given me the chance to accompany individuals to sporting events, concerts, out of town trips, and so much more! The relationships I have made during my time as a DSP are such meaningful friendships because I get to experience all of life’s excitements, sorrows, and accomplishments with the people I support!

Working for ADVANCE has provided me with opportunities and experiences, as well as a new career path that I am so excited to pursue. When it is time for me to leave ADVANCE, I know it won’t be a goodbye because everyone I have met here has a piece of my heart that I can’t let go of. I didn’t know much about working as a DSP when I started but I am so grateful I didn’t let that stop me from working with so many remarkable people!

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