DSP Spotlight: Ariana Oorlog

"My journey with ADVANCE started just a little under a year ago, where I found myself touring SLA with no idea what was in store to come. Previously, I had no experience in this line of work, as I was just a farm girl from the little town of Avon, South Dakota. Working (and playing) on the farm had always been my true passion. Little did I know, those I supported would eventually steal my heart. I have shared laughter and tears, and developed new found respect for those I support. I would have never imagined the different experiences I have gained working with ADVANCE. These experiences have allowed me to grow as a person and I was even able to share some of them during my Graduate School interviews for Occupational Therapy. I was lucky enough to be accepted to the University of South Dakota to continue my education, but hope to someday give back to those that have taught me so much. I am extremely blessed to have met so many talented people through my time at ADVANCE, both staff and people supported. I look forward to what my future has in store, but more importantly I know those I have grown close to in the agency will remain with me where ever I go."

Thank you Ariana for all of the amazing things you do!

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