DSP Spotlight: Valerie Witte

I have had the honor to be employed at ADVANCE for the past 2 years. I began my employment in Supported Living and that is where I still work today! In Supported Living we help those we support to live and thrive on their own in the community. Being a Direct Support Professional has given me opportunities to be part of a great team, take people we support on fun adventures/trips, teach new skills,  and most of all,  make an important difference in someones life. Being a DSP in Supported Living means that each day is something new and that makes my job exciting!  

Working at ADVANCE has been such a life changing experience for me. ADVANCE is more than a job to me, it's like being part of a family and making life long relationships with those we support. ADVANCE stands behind helping those we support "Live Life To The Fullest", but if you really think about it, and the difference you have made in someone's life, they are teaching YOU to "Live Life To The Fullest", as well.