Legislative Update

Where are we with SB147?  This bill passed out of the Senate, even though there was opposition to it from the Department of Social Services and the Department of Human Services.  Once it passed out of the Senate, it was revised slightly to remove some perceived hostile language, and both Departments dropped their opposition to it.  It was to have been heard by the House Health and Human Services Committee on Tuesday, but was referred to the House Appropriations Committee for a hearing today.  It did pass out of committee this morning, and will go to the House floor this coming Monday.  If you would like to help, contact your Representatives and ask them to vote for this bill.  There is a very good likelihood  the House will pass it.  Once it does, it will need to go back to the Senate for concurrence because it was amended after it left the Senate.  It would then go to the Governor to be signed into law.  There are still several steps to accomplish, but things are moving in the right direction! 

Brian Ardry
President/CEO, ADVANCE