And we marched...

On April 30th, a little over 30 of us from Team ADVANCE tromped on over to the Fifth Street Gym, decked out in our super awesome 2016 team shirts, ready to March for Babies!!! We joined so many other amazing teams, all there to support healthy babies, remember babies gone to soon, and support the March of Dimes in their pursuit of healthy babies and mothers. It was a really beautiful turn out! 

We walked the streets of Brookings on a 3 mile route to bring awareness to this cause. If people were unable to or did not want to walk outside, they had the option of walking inside to still show support. It was a little chilly with the wind, but we were grateful we missed the rain! 

At the end of their walk everyone enjoyed pizza, pop, and cookies as a thank you for all of their support!

Last week I was able to send in a final donation to the March of Dimes for our fundraising campaign in 2016. We donated.... drum roll please..... $5,201.78!!!!! We exceeded our goal of $5,000!! I could not believe it!!! This was the best we have ever done! 

This year people really came together as a team with ideas, fundraising opportunities, and individual groundwork to make this happen. I would like to thank the following people for all of their efforts! 

Paige Jorgensen, Maureen Simet, Chad Visker, Katie Armstrong, Sara Gentry, Lynn Squashingroff, Josh Aderhold, and Drake Bendemer for helping to sell over 365 Butterbraids, raising over $1,800!!! 

Taylor McElfresh raised $90, selling her amazing wax melts! 

Jen Rice raised $40 selling her super cool handmade bracelets. 

Chad Visker raised $150 having the Usbourne book party! 

And a thank you to everyone who made a purchase to support these great efforts!!! 

Then we had some major support from some pretty amazing individuals... Thank you, Gracia, Kara, Gennell, Donna, and Tom for your amazingly generous donations!!! We could not have made our goal without your support! 

Thanks to Chad, Maureen, and Paige for helping to sort and distribute our 2016 team shirts! And to Paige and Maureen for ALL of their sorting efforts this year... Because we sure did a lot!!! 

And thanks to everyone who supported Team ADVANCE in purchasing one of our 2016 shirts. We sold over 150 (again, surpassing passed years sales)! 

Without all of the above people, and all of the support that Team ADVANCE gives this cause each and every year, we could not make this happen! I am so grateful to be a part of this wonderful organization, lead this outstanding team, and know each and everyone of you! 

There really is no team like Team ADVANCE!!! Thank you for all for all of your support and efforts! You have all made this year one for the books! β€πŸšΌπŸ’™ 

With my most sincere gratitude- 

Amanda Hemmestad