2015 DSP Week

This year we celebrated DSP week with a variety of events. 
The kick off was Monday when we celebrated the start of the week with a proclamation by the governor read by our President Brian Ardry. 

Tuesday was treats for DSP days with ADVANCE giving Pizza Cutters to all DSP's. 

Wednesday was Supervisor Surprise with each locations supervisor doing something a bit different for each location, here are some examples: 905 staff got water bottles with their names engraved on them & candy; ALA staff got silly putty, twinkies, large cups with catchphrases on them;  Mustang Pass staff got coffee mugs painted with Chalkboard paint that has their names in- these were filled with all kinds of goodies; Voc and Day Services staff were treated to Breakfast pizza and rolls; Hillcrest staff got baggies filled with candy and little prizes. 

Thursday was our Thank a DSP day- everyone gave thanks for our amazing DSP. 

Friday we were excited to show the slideshow of our DSP week Scavenger Hunt! 4 teams completed: All Star Karen & the Superchicks- Karen Tupper, Amanda Hemmestad, Taylor McElfresh, Kelli Jo Parr and Marilyn Kruse; York Day Services- Amber Norby, Renee Luckhurst and Sarah Carlson; Team 509- Jordan Young, Jennifer Erwin, Dusty Bucheanue, Chris Mohs, Matt Kittleson, Kayla Kirby, Taylor Berger, Denise Reitsma, Lisa Husaboe, Michael Leder, Arleen Nelson & Les Schmiechel; Team ALA- Sherry Woodraska, Justin Anderson, Amy McGregor, Mikayla Hardy & Randy Tripp. All of the teams did a great job with Best Smile going to Team ALA, Most Amusing going to Karen & the Superchicks, Best form of Alternative Communication going to team 509, and Best Double Take going to Team York DS. But the overall winner was Team York DS! Congrats & enjoy your pizza party! 

The day ended with the passing of the crown from our 2014 Excellence in Service Winner to our 2015 Excellence in Service Winner Ramona Kauk! 

Congratulations to all of our Excellence in Service Winners and Thank you to all ADVANCE DSP's for the hard work they do each day!