Minnesota State Fair or bust!

Bright and early (5:30am!) we took off from SLA to the Minnesota State Fair! We were on a mission to find Doug all the crazy food he could eat! And of course check out what the Minnesota State Fair had to offer. Only a few hiccups on the way (as per the usual), and we arrived right in time for lunch. Doug sampled a loaded authentic bratwurst, and deep fried schnitzel with a side of garlic mayo. He tells us it was amazing! The rest of the crew grabbed whatever was easiest (chicken strips and fries, please!). 

After a good 2 hours of walking/wandering, we figured out our way around. It sure was a hot and sticky day! We got to see all kinds of new vehicles, tractors, FFA projects, PBS characters, and so much more!  We attempted to see the Cabela's dog show, but we were a little late, so off to the next activity. On our next journey the guys grabbed the biggest beef sticks we had ever seen, and a nice cold lemonade. Then we made it to a neat old time banjo band. That was a nice place to try and catch a cool breeze!

From there we went to grab a little more food. Doug tried a beef Persian Koobedeh, and a shrimp corn dog. Again, he reported that it was just fabulous! I can say that how it appeared, it did not look appetizing at all! To each their own, right!?! Billy and  Ron settled on big beefy burgers and these zesty garlic fries, while Donna went with a chicken sandwich and the same heaping pile of fries! Everyone reported that their food was delicious!  Elizabeth and I had to wander a bit to find what looked good to us. So many options, especially in the Food Building!  Elizabeth settled on broccoli and cheese potato skins and I got some jalapeno poppers and some crazy wrapped Italian sausage thing. We were stuffed! I thought Doug would enjoy the popper, so I shared one,  but he just ate the bacon off and stuffed it under a napkin! That's when you know it's time to go! He even turned down the opportunity to try bacon ice cream! I now wish I would have given it a try; maybe next year. 

Before we left, we checked out the FSN building and an all Minnesota team store next door. Doug got to pitch a baseball and have his speed tracked. He topped out at a whopping 32mph! By this time, we were beat and ready for home (7 hours later!). It was so hot, did I mention how hot it was?!? Ufda, it was hot! We trucked it on back to the van and headed home. Pulling into Brookings a few hours later, never felt so good! With our bellies still full and our legs all jelly, we were ready to cross the Minnesota State Fair off of our summer bucket list! 

By: Amanda Hemmestad