Congratulations to ADVANCE's feature artist's- Bill Lufkins, Susan Kramar & Deanna Viland!

Bill Lufkins has been painting for as long as he can remember, he enjoys painting with all sorts of colors which you can find on picture frames, bird houses, and other wooden items but Bill is known most for his colorful canvas paintings. Bill is always trying out new ways to use his talent and is involved with the ART FACTORY.  Bill enjoys adding glitter and glow in the dark paint to his pieces, each painting having it's own special touch. Bill is very passionate about painting and enjoys giving his work to others.

Susan Kramar is the owner of Cards by Susan cards. Susan started her business in 2009. She creates cards for all occasions: Get Well, Happy Birthday, Wedding, Thinking of You, Anniversary, Thank You, Christmas, Valentine, Mothers Day & Fathers Day. Her specialty is working on personalized cards. Susan works hard to keep up with new trends in card making, attending classes and frequently checking in to new ideas and resources. To order cards from Susan please contact Paige Jorgensen 696-5267 or 

Deanna Viland is one of ADVANCE's master puzzle makers! If you ever stop by Mustang Pass you will most likely find Deanna working on a puzzle or there will be a puzzle in progress close by. Deanna loves to work on puzzles with beautiful scenery as well as puzzles made up of her favorite things such as M and M's and Disney. Most of her puzzles are hand-framed by Deanna and she is happy to hand them out to those interested.

Bill, Susan & Deanna celebrated their art with the recent Art Show that was held July 23rd. 

By: Jessica Sargent & Paige Jorgensen