Team ADVANCE supports 2nd Annual Team Isaac Golf Tournament

Isaac Scot Hemmestad is my beautiful little nephew, who 7 years ago, passed away from SIDS while at daycare. My sister-in-law and a dear friend created Team Isaac in 2012, first walking in the March of Dimes, then in addition, creating a foundation to provide Safe to Sleep gift packs to all babies born in the Brookings Health System. These packs include a Team Isaac Sleep Sack (safer alternative to a blanket), a Sleep Baby Safe and Snug board book, and safe sleep practices information. It has been a beautiful thing, all done in the memory of our sweet Isaac. It has also brought  much awareness about SIDS and infant mortality to the Brookings community. Their story has touched many others  in our community who have suffered a similar unthinkable loss. 

So just over a month ago, same as the year before, I asked Team ADVANCE if they would be willing to sponsor a whole at the 2nd Annual Team Isaac Golf Tournament in support of this great cause. And just like last year, people did not hesitate to donate and support in whatever way they could.  

This year Team ADVANCE was one of 5 Major Hole sponsors, all out of 37 total hole sponsors! Team ADVANCE donated $700 to Team Isaac. In addition I know I was able to sell at least 14 raffle tickets to people around the agency for the Beef Raffle that Team Isaac had on the day of the tournament.  That was an additional $280 to Team Isaac!  That money will all go to sponsor approximately 49 gift packs! That is a gift to 49 babies in the Brookings community!  As always, the generosity and love for children of all ages that the people in this agency have, is beyond heartwarming, and so sincere! 

On the beautiful morning of July 25th a few of the major sponsors from SLA came out to see what the tournament was all about! And I was happy to introduce them to Amber, Amanda, and all the family there, getting things set up! Right away Richard went around shaking hands! When he got to Amber (Isaac's mom), she thanked him, along with everyone else for their very generous donation, and without a thought Richard said, "Of course! We love babies, they are our best friends!". With tears in her eyes she gave him a hug and thanked him again. 

As I said, the generosity for not only this, but the March of Dimes, the Backpack Project, the Toy Drive, and all other activities that we do for children comes from the most sincere place in these guys' hearts! I was so happy that Team Isaac could see that! I showed everyone the huge poster of Isaac and as best I could, I told his story and why Team Isaac does what they do. I presented everyone who was there with the plaque Team ADVANCE received for being a Major Hole sponsor, then we went out and saw Team ADVANCE on the Major Hole sponsor banner, and they got to put their hole sponsor sign in the ground first! 

Then once all that was taken care of, it was time for golf cart rides! It was a little unnerving, but mostly for me, as I was the driver and these carts could accommodate 4 people....without seat belts. But we took it nice and easy and everyone had fun! It turned out to be a beautiful day full of sunshine and love, and I was so happy that Team ADVANCE was able to come out and see where exactly there kind donation goes. 

When the day was said and done, the entire tournament took in a little under $15,000! It was a success! I can't thank this wonderful ADVANCE family enough, for all of their support and love for this cause so close to my, and obviously so many other's hearts! So thank you to everyone who helped make this year's tournament such a success! 

"It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving."- Mother Teresa

By: Amanda Hemmestad