2015 ADVANCE Olympic Games

9 teams competed in 10 Events for the 2015 ADVANCE Olympic Games. Events were submitted by each department ranging from CPR to the two seater bike obstacle course. The Olympics were a lot of fun. Thanks to the teams who competed: 

The Fighting Squirrels
Kendal , Olivia, Makayla, Loral I., Scena , Amanda 
Mustang Pass 
Elena, Megan, Bill, Jessica, Geoffrey , Deanna 
The Super Chicks
Amanda, Sarah, Taylr, Kelli Jo 
Hillcrest Gang
Alex, Alexis, Kaelob, Tanan, Kayla, Kenda r, Lindsay 
Liz, Angie, Susanne, Jacki, Sam r, Zeke  
The Stragglers
Jenny, Rachel, Kelly, Sherry, Taylor, Mike 
The Workaholics
Ashley, Frances , Jennifer, Cassidy, Ramona, Katie, Sarah 
Team Hodgepodge
Tricia, Tori, Glenda , Justin 
Day Services Destroyers
Gennell, Gracia, Sarah, Amber, Lisa, Katie, Taylor , Antoinette 

The winners are as follows:
Gold- The Fighting Squirrels
Silver- Voc
Bronze- The Workaholics 

By: ADVANCE Rec. Committee