Waldo Travels around ADVANCE

The theme for Hobo Day this year is "Never Stop Wandering." ADVANCE has participated in the Hobo Day parade for quite some time, and our take on this theme is to honor the guy who wanders all over the planet - Waldo!

Waldo is currently making his travels around ADVANCE. 

If you find Waldo, here's what you need to do:
- Snap a picture of Waldo in the place you found him
- Send the picture to me at amanda.novotny@advancebkg.com
- Help Waldo find a new hiding place at another location
- Send a hint to that location so that they know to keep an extra eye out for Waldo

Let's see how many places throughout ADVANCE that Waldo can travel before Hobo Day on October 25th, at which time he'll need to take his rightful place on our awesome ADVANCE Hobo Day float!


By: Amanda R. Novotny