August ADVANCE Excellence

Tori Nelson
Macy Millburn
Heather Kipfer
Michael Leder
Joni Hurd

Michael Leder- I would like to nominate Michael Leder for the Advance excellence award. I feel Michael has been doing great and living his life to the fullest. Michael and some of his housemates just took a trip to Minnesota and went to the Mall of America, the zoo, and a Twins game! He thoroughly enjoyed the trip. Night time isn’t a favorite part of the day for Mr. Leder, but lately he has been doing an incredible job sleeping throughout the night, and not letting it get to him! During the trip staff said he would laugh himself to sleep, and that he didn’t have a problem at nights the entire trip. He also has a wonderful sense of humor, a contagious laugh, and a bright charming smile that the people at 509 are grateful to have around to help brighten their days. Thanks Michael, for being the hilarious, charming, excellent person you are! Nominated by Lexie Stark

Joni Hurd- Joni does a fantastic job working with each individual on her caseload. She has had many stressful situations recently and she takes the time to sit one on one with each person in crisis. No matter what time of the day or night it is, she is there for each person and staff. Recently one weekend in the middle of the night 905 staff called her in to help with a crisis. In the midst of that crisis, she ran over to York to help with staffing situation while their supervisor was out. Then she was right back to 905 to ensure everything and everyone was safe and in the place they needed to be. When things are stressful, she has a way to stay calm, cool and collected putting the needs of others first! She has several that seek her out as they trust her. People supported and families know that they can call or text her at anytime. She is dependable! If there is a concern with someone, she gets to the bottom of it by talking, being there and watching for herself. If someone is not getting out for a walk as staff are busy, she will take the time and do it herself. As a coworker she manages to find the humor is most everything! She is a joy to be around. Overall she is an Excellent person to have on the ADVANCE team! Nominated by Kelly Wiehr


By: ADVANCE Recognition Committe