DSP Spotlight: Hannah Pannell

I have been at Advance for over a year and a half, and it has been amazing! I started out as residential services at Hillcrest and while I was incredibly nervous at first, I soon fell in love with the job and people there became my second family. As everyone knows, there nothing quite like a hug from Brandi N or spending a day with Amy H! My year there was awesome, and I couldn’t have asked for anything better. When HC closed down, I thought I would never have those same connections, but 905 proved me to be very wrong. The new individuals I work with are just as amazing, and they too hold a special place in my heart. Advance is so different from any job I’ve ever had and I’m so thankful for the day that Paige came to my class and told us about how great it would be to work here, because she was right! I am a student as SDSU and am pursuing a degree in Psychology and Pre-OT and for a while I thought I wanted to work with kids, but this job has definitely changed that for me. I hope to someday work with people as wonderful as everyone I’m met throughout my years here. No matter where you are in Advance, there always amazing staff and people ready to brighten up your day! 

Today (only 6 months late), we celebrated Liz Bell on her 10 Year Anniversary with ADVANCE!!! ❤🙌Liz has held many positions over those years, and in all of them she has worked hard, provided the best cares & supports, and been a true advocate for the people at ADVANCE! She has a passion for people and is following that by pursuing her nursing degree at SDSU. We are so grateful for you!!! Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication over the last 10 years! You are very much appreciated!!!

By: Amanda Hemmestad

Since September we have had a large group of folks who had interest in voting attend a variety of classes to help prepare them to make the most informed decision based on their own morals, beliefs, and political stances.The classes ranged from the History of the United States, Voting Rights, learning about all of the candidates, Initiated Measures, and Amendments, as well as everything on how to vote. 

Michelle, Matthew, and Frances fulfilled their civic responsibility and voted for what they believed in.

By: Amanda Hemmestad


Can You Tell Me How To Get To Sesame Street?

The folks at 717 can! Everyone had a great time dressing up as different characters from Sesame Street - Oscar the Happy Grouch, Cookie Monster (and a giant cookie, of course), Big Bird, Elmo, The Count of Sesame Street, Bert, Ernie, and Rubber Duckie! Sydney, Logan and Colton all joined in the fun by dressing up as Yip Yips, which according to Tom are some sort of aliens who hang out on Sesame Street.

By: Jacki Turner

Big Shout Out to Lorali, Sherry, and Frances for helping put on a presentation at the Boys & Girls Club yesterday.  We helped explain what ADVANCE does, what it means to have a disability and how that won't stop people from living life to the fullest, and got a lot more colorful signatures on the Spread the Word to End the Word pledge banner.  We talked to probably 70 kids who were in 1st through 5th grade and quite a few seemed pretty excited to chat with us.

By: Justin Anderson