Many of the YAT interns independently use the Brookings Area Transit Authority (BATA) daily. So, to get a better glimpse of what happens "behind the scenes," the interns toured BATA today (6/18). Brenda and Mike discussed what qualities they look for in their dispatchers and drivers, types of training and responsibilities they require of their employees, and how many vehicles are in their fleet. Mike also provided examples of how the dispatchers schedule rides and how the drivers are assigned pick-ups and drop-offs. The interns even had the opportunity to see the special machine that they use to clean the outside of the buses in action!

By: Ramona Kauk

On Tuesday, Zach from YAT toured the many different areas of the hospital. The ER and the seeing a CT machine were among a few of his favorite areas. In addition, we lucked out and got to visit the ambulance station to see the ambulances. There we were provided a thorough overview of what typical day looks like for a paramedic and EMT.

By: Ramona Kauk

Since we have been doing all sorts of cooking and baking lately, YAT visited The Carrot Seed this morning. The owner/operator Kirsten, presented and explained many items that are essential for an efficient kitchen. The interns also learned about the common job duties and tasks that the employees at the store are responsible for.

By: Ramona Kauk

I got the extreme pleasure of taking Miss Myrtle to see Cher last night! We started our evening by going out to eat at Sickies Garage then off to do some singing and dancing to Cher. We even got matching t-shirts:) Myrtle and I both said that Cher still knows how to move and groove at the age of 73, not only that but all the costume changes with each song as well. We only can hope we look that good at that age, Myrtle thought that was pretty funny and told me she will look that good too!!! Enjoy the pictures.

By: Jenny Cooper

I think it's safe to say by all the smiles that everyone is enjoying the nice weather! People from SLA got to take a stroll around the Nature Park, and there was even a friendly sprinting competition between the young fellows!

By: Nasya Sechser