As summer comes to an end () we reflect back on some fun activities we did in Supported Living. A few trips to the SDSU Art Museum, a quick game of tennis with Sherri, trust me, she wins every time, some healthy cooking and meal prepping with Chris and some fun shopping adventures with both Chris and Darlis. I'm really going to miss being able to work as much as I did this summer and I'm definitely going to cherish all the memories I made with everyone! Hopefully the school year goes by fast and we sneak in some fun activities this winter! 

By: Valerie Witte  

Voc had fun putting today at Edgebrook! Joe, Arley, and Jamie are some pro's! They loved riding in the golf cart at the end. Arley and Joe got to hit balls in the holes. Jamie also hit one really hard across the grass! Overall a fun day, and the weather was perfect for being outside this morning!

By: Christiana Barney 

DSP Spotlight: Braden Carmody

"I have been employed at ADVANCE since May of 2016 and I have been so lucky to be a part of a great organization. I work at 717 and have created great relationships with staff and people supported that will last a lifetime. The staff are extremely hard-working, intelligent, funny and attentive and make each shift productive and enjoyable.  When I first applied to work as a DSP, I’ll admit, I was nervous and didn’t really know what to anticipate. Looking back now, I am thankful that I made ADVANCE my workplace. I look forward to coming to work and to build my bond with the people I support and to learn new lessons each shift. Becoming a DSP is one of the best decisions that I’ve made and I thank ADVANCE for giving me that opportunity. It will be hard to eventually move on from this job, but I know that the relationships and memories that I’ve made will last a lifetime."

It was once again a successful Miracle Treat Day for ADVANCE! Miracle Treat Day is a wonderful cause that we have added to our list of giving back that we do annually. This one is a favorite because of course you get a blizzard! Dairy Queen donates $1 from each blizzard purchased to the local Childrens Hospitals.  We had 5 different locations ordering- Hillcrest ordered 8, 509 ordered 8, Yorkshire 9, Franklin ordered 9 and at the center we ordered 52! This means all and all by the time you add in extra donations, the $1 that each blizzard donates and our rounding up on all orders ADVANCE overall gave more than $125 to the Children's Miracle Network!!! This is pretty amazing! Way to go ADVANCE! 

By: Paige Jorgensen

Supported Living is all about living life to the fullest! Tonight, these 3 guys decided to watch a movie after Special Olympics! It's fun to see all the new friendships being made out at Sunchase! Watching and listening to these three tonight really shows you what true friendship is all about! 

By: Valerie Witte and Ellen Jensen

Paul and I had such a fun trip to the cities this past weekend! On Saturday we went to the Chanhassen dinner theatre and saw the musical Newsies. We also relaxed on the shore of Lake Minnetonka and visited some of Paul's family! On Sunday we had brunch with Paul's family, had a picnic at Lake Harriot, and enjoyed live music at the Lake Harriot Bandshell! If you see Paul around make sure to ask about his "camping" trip! 

By: Lorali Barrie

DSP Spotlight: Allie Murphy

"It's been only about a year and a half since I started working at Advance, and it feels like I have been here for so long already. I heard about this company through a couple different people and I wasn't really sure exactly what they did or what exactly I would be doing if I applied. I honestly could not imagine what I would be doing right now if I was not here at Advance. I recently graduated and I wanted to go to school for two more years to pursue a degree in counseling with children, but now after working here I am not so sure if I want to just work with children. I have wanted to pursue counseling for a while, but just recently started looking at different graduate programs. I can actually see myself not leaving this field, I think I will always be a DSP deep down wherever life ends up taking me, and I think my future may consist of a lot of the people I have supported here in my short time. "

Allie Murphy

Joe has been doing a great job saving up some money this year and got to do a little shopping spree today.  He's proud to introduce his brand new TV!  I'm sure he'll tell you all about it when you see him, tell him nice job on his budgeting. 

By: Justin Anderson


Sherri has been busy tending to her garden this summer! She has tomatoes, potatoes, onions, and squash along with a few other delish vegetables! Sherri has also been doing a great job keeping all the critters away from her garden and keeping it watered with all this heat. It looks great, Sherri! I'm super excited to  see the outcome when everything is ready!

By: Justin Anderson