Where's Brenna?

A few years ago ADVANCE did a Where's Waldo theme and everyone had a blast finding Waldo and then submitting pictures. 

Well Rec Committee has been asked several times to do this again. In honor of DSP Week we will be doing a Where's Brenna contest. Brenna Brown was last years Excellence in Service Winner so we went ahead and put her face on a Where's Waldo- doesn't she look great?! 

All you need to do is find Brenna! Then take a picture and either send it to me or go ahead and send it out to the agency.

Brenna was found already this morning on the Voc floor. 
Brenna was helping Karen T at work this morning!

Where will Brenna be next?! 


Macy Miller for three!

Ryan got to meet his favorite Jackrabbits player Macy Miller today due to some hard work by Jenna Millard. Jenna contacted Macy and asked her to meet Ryan and Macy agreed. Jenna also made sure Ryan had a basketball for Macy to autograph for him and supplied cupcakes in SDSU colors.

Ryan was SO excited to meet Macy (in case you can't tell by the huge smile on his face) and gave her a thank you card for coming to meet him. It was not only a magical moment for Ryan, but for everyone who got to witness the event.

Big thanks to Jenna for making this happen for Ryan.

Macy Miller for three! Go Big! Go Blue! Go Jacks!